The Gokusen – Complete Series (Brand New 3-Disc Anime Set, TV Collection)

The Gokusen – Complete Series (Brand New 3-Disc Anime Set, TV Collection)

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Gênero: Comédia Papel principal: Araki Kae, Midorikawa Hikaru
Diretor: Masami Sato Non-Domestic Product: No
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The Gokusen – Complete Series (Brand New 3-Disc Anime Set, TV Collection)

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Product Information
This anime program follows in the tradition of schoolyard action-comedies, its most direct inspiration being the popular GREAT TEACHER ONIZUKA. With a bit of homage to THE GODFATHER and THE UNTOUCHABLES, THE GOKUSEN (based on a manga of the same title) shows the double life of 23-year-old Kumiko, an heir to the Oedo Yakuza family. Amid flying bullets and the constant presence of hit men, the hardheaded Kumiko manages to pursue her dream of teaching and leading the youth of Japan. With her identity completely concealed, Kumiko takes a job as a math teacher for grades two to four, where the worst of the class bullies and rebels are amazed that they are completely unable to unnerve her with their outbursts. Kumiko does have some interesting quirks, such as launching into street-speak when she becomes enraged, a habit that risks getting her in trouble. This program has been discussed as the female counterpart to GTO, a manga (and anime) about a reformed biker dude who tries to provide guidance to his troubled students while not falling back into his own old habits. This release gathers all three volumes of the series (THE UNTEACHABLES, KUMIKO’S WAY, and ROAD TO GRADUATION), including episodes 1 through 13. As the series begins, Kumiko attempts to situate herself within the school community. As episodes progress, Kumiko finds it more and more difficult to disguise her true identity from her students. This is made even more challenging by the constant interference of her clan’s thugs and by a dropout who starts his own gang and sets his sights on Kumiko and her class. All hope falls on teacher’s pet Shin, who may not even be able to help because he is being kept away from school by his suspicious father, the police commissioner.

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UPC 0631595086379
eBay Product ID (ePID) 66597755

Product Key Features
Format DVD
Genre Comedy
Director Masami Sato
Rating NR

Additional Product Features
Film Country Japan
Release Date 20080805
Display Format 3-Disc Set; TV Collection
Region Code Region 1
Number of Discs 3
Edition 3-Disc Set; TV Collection

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