Over The Hedge 2006 PG family comedy animated movie, new DVD Willis Carell Nolte

Over The Hedge 2006 PG family comedy animated movie, new DVD Willis Carell Nolte

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Subgênero: Animação e animê Idiomas: English, French, Spanish
Diretor: Tim Johnson, Karey Kirkpatrick UPC:


Formato: DVD DVD Edition Year: 2018
Classificação indicativa: G Ano de lançamento: 2006
Código da região : DVD: 1 (US, Canada…) Movie/TV Title: Over the Hedge
Edição: Widescreen, 2018 Gênero: Comédia
Papel principal: Bruce Willis, Garry Shandling, Steve Carell Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Recursos adicionais: See fourth picture Marca: Dreamworks
Usado, de locadora: Não Modified Item: No
Run time: 83 minutes (1 hour 23 min.) plus special features Non-Domestic Product: No

Over The Hedge 2006 PG family comedy animated movie, new DVD Willis Carell Nolte

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Product Information
A ragtag group of forest critters awakes from hibernation to find that their forest has been turned into a suburban housing development in this animated film co-directed by Tim Johnson (ANTZ) and first-timer Karey Kirkpatrick, and based on a comic strip by Michael Fry and T Lewis. Paternal turtle Verne (Gary Shandling) and his makeshift family–spunky skunk Stella (Wanda Sykes), speedy squirrel Hammy (Steve Carrell), dramatic father opossum Ozzie (William Shatner), and his perpetually embarrassed daughter Heather (Avril Lavigne)–are ready to start the annual forage for food when they discover a giant hedge where their forest used to be. Luckily, charming raccoon RJ (Bruce Willis) shows up just in time to teach them about humans and life on the other side of the hedge, and how much food there is to be had.But what Verne and his pals don’t know is that RJ’s intentions are not necessarily honorable: this loner needs the food they forage to pay back a large debt to Vincent, a very large, angry bear (Nick Nolte). To make matters more difficult, on the other side of the hedge is Gladys (Allison Janney), the president of the neighborhood homeowner’s association, who doesn’t take kindly to wild animals. When she calls in the Verminator, Dwayne (Thomas Haden Church), it’s all-out war as the animals infiltrate the world of humans. Will the loving forest family emerge victorious, or will the spoils of suburbia run them out of the small patch of land they have left? And will RJ stick by his new family, or just keep looking out for himself? Songs by musician Ben Folds reflect the film’s take on the perils of suburbanization without being too preachy.

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UPC 0097361176741
eBay Product ID (ePID) 54919662

Product Key Features
Format DVD
Director Karey Kirkpatrick, Tim Johnson
Rating G
Sub-Genre Animation/Anime

Additional Product Features
Genre Childrens
Film Country USA
Release Date 20061017
Display Format Widescreen Version
Number of Discs 1
Edition Widescreen Version

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